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BIS Broleigh offer creative in-store solutions that minimise replenishment costs and make your customers shopping experiences pleasant ones. Our product range is diverse and includes biltong units, parcel counters, security podiums and much more. Our solutions are all about transforming your use of space, maximising your profits, and enhancing customers’ shopping experiences.

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How you will benefit from our products

BIS Broleigh’s innovative in-store shop fittings will help your business deliver maximum results. Whether it be at point-of-sale, marketing, merchandising or customer convenience, you will find a sustainable, robust product for your store.
Reduce the risk of lost and damaged items with our parcel counters available in wood or metal. Showcase your biltong in a unit designed to make your product look delectable. Keep your shop running smoothly with a managers pulpit that helps them engage with consumers.

Shop our security guard podiums that are perfect for use in shopping malls, large office blocks or reception areas. Invest in a self-service locker system that gives customers 24/7 access to drop-off or pickup.

Whatever your in-store requirements, we have a spectrum of systems that don’t compromise on comfort and convenience. Our qualified designers create products with your entire premises in mind. Our retail solutions are built on understanding what you want to achieve.

Enjoy features and benefits that include:
• An appealing retail environment
• Customer and employee convenience
• Maximised shopability
• Improved availability
• Increased adaptability
• Generate brand awareness

Discover innovative in-store solutions for South African stores

If your retail store is in need of top-quality in-store solutions, then contact BIS Broleigh today. We are committed to delivering the quality, service and support that has made us one of the leading shop fitting companies in Southern Africa. We are a distinctly different in-store solution specialist and the ideal choice for your next retail store project.
Our company has completed successful projects for some of the leading names in the retail industry in South Africa. Our products are delivered on time, to an exacting standard, and at a fair price. We bring an unmatched understanding and insight to the retail and wholesale environment

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