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Is your business or new store looking for quality display units and shelving accessories? You have come to the right place. BIS Broleigh offer a selection of gondola shelving accessories and general store equipment designed to meet the needs of today’s modern stores. Choose from products including scanner bars, stacking baskets, shelf dividers and more.

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Our company is proud to be a supplier of in-store solutions that meet your requirements and budget. Organise your store the way you envisioned with innovative accessories that add that “special touch”

Your retail stores displays are an important part of your shops design strategy. It is the key to any customer’s decision to enter your store or not. By incorporating imagery combined with quality materials, we are able to offer you products that make a positive and lasting impact on consumers.

Magazine stands and brochure display racks

Take a more modern approach to organising your magazines with our contemporary magazine and brochure stands. These ultra-sleek display units will showcase your magazines in a neat and orderly way. They are elegant organisers that will help reduce the clutter in your store floor space. They make practical yet stylish additions to almost any retail shop. Now you can neatly store magazines, newspapers or brochures in a precise, systematic manner.
These visually appealing display stands provide a basic means for you to display weekly or monthly publications of any kind. Suitable for offices, supermarkets, retail stores, libraries and many more. They provide a convenient and easy way for your customers to browse. Advertise your periodicals in a wide range of environments. These units make it easy to showcase all of your printed materials without taking up too much room.

Display units & accessories designed for your store

Shop our functional, cost-effective display units and gondola accessories that increase profits and elevate employee efficiency. Our robust, flexible products will give you many years of use. If you are ready to create aesthetically pleasing displays in your store, contact us today. We have a team of qualified experts ready to take your retail store in South Africa to the next level.

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